Christy Hoss is a credentialed art teacher working on a memoir of how her life parallels The Wizard of Oz. Most of the posts in this blog will center around that journey.

A fictionalized version of her escape from a domestic violence attacker intent on killing her is published in the anthology, Cry of the Night Bird.  She has been published in Guideposts and Angels magazine as well as Focus on the Family and Club House Jr. magazines.

Christy’s painting Tree of Hope, portraying freedom from the negative influences of domestic violence was displayed in the Sacramento Museum’s “Creating Freedom” exhibit in 2013.

Her sculpture “Reaching for Hope” is currently traveling with the Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD )Creating Freedom exhibit across the country, creating awareness of how PTSD and domestic violence go hand in hand.

Shortly after being violently attacked, Christy met and married Kevin. Together they have celebrated 25 years, have three teenage children and a houseful of fur-kids.



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